A collection of Ultra Small Form Factor Mini ITX Custom Gaming PC Liquid Cooled Systems and Workstation Desktops
4.9L Console PC encased in a CNC aluminium exterior featuring an Intel 14th Generation CPU and Nvidia GeForce RTX Graphics
Get your custom gaming pcs, desktops and workstations today. Play now and pay later with our instalment plan partners Grab and Atome.
Pathfinder Mini Itx Custom Gaming PC
Luna Modern Mini ITX Custom Gaming PC & Desktop System
Nvidia GeForce RTX 4000 Series Graphics Processing Units used in our Custom Gaming PC, Workstations & Desktop Systems
Intel 14th Generation Desktop CPUs now available in our custom built gaming PC, workstation and desktop systems
Custom built rackmount server chassis solutions
Customization, tweaks and optimizations are available for all our custom built gaming PC, workstation and desktop systems.
Elvan Lim
Elvan Lim
I recently chance upon ByteSize from a friend. To put it simply, they are a team of dedicated PC specialist who strive to understand their clients’ needs. Utilising their expertise, they thoughtfully select parts to cater to the requirements while not forgetting the discussed budget. Being a newbie in this gaming PC field, I had a lot of queries about the individual parts and they were able to explain it such that it is clear and concise, leaving you with salient points that are important to note. They were also super responsive and willing to help in the after sales stage. All in all, a pleasant and swift process. Quality builds, quality customer service. 10/10 Would recommend them to anyone out there who is looking to own their first PC, or even planning to upgrade their current gaming rig. Great job Bytesize!
Lenz Lim
Lenz Lim
Truly exceptional service from Bytesize. Their staff displayed impressive expertise and professionalism especially in advising me on what product would suit my needs. Communication was seamless even for after sales support and I would definitely recommend reaching out to them for all your tech needs!
Lazy at building your own? You’ve come to the right place! After months of research I finally decided to order at ByteSize and they did not disappoint. Like many others have said with their 5-star reviews, the quality of not just the build itself but customer service and candid communication is just above and beyond. Thank you so much for putting so much care and pride in what you do. 🦾
I have no idea how I found this shop. But they are selling what I wanted. It was a smooth transcation and the cards are laid out honestly by the seller. I have not compared prices before I decided to buy as I doubt it will be much of a difference. Overall the build quality and low-noise setup was better than I expected and I will use/recommend they again if I need another custom built.
Was browsing for laptops and desktop for home use, and decided to go for custom PC. After looking at other websites, ByteSize suits what I am looking for. Zhi An recommended a better cpu cooler and ram memory based on your choice of items. Didnt know they provide building and setup of the PC. the constant update from them keeps me assurance. He also helped to put those necessary items in a box. the PC comes together with the parts packaging as well. Overall, i am satisfied with the product and the service.
Had a great experience getting a custom pc from ByteSize. Service was top notch with Zhi An providing insightful recommendations and regular updates with pictures throughout the building process. He even accommodated my tight schedule over the weekend for the delivery. Appreciate the after sales support. Highly recommend!
Tian Hong Zhuang
Tian Hong Zhuang
I ordered my PC online here. The staff were quick to help me with any missing parts in my order and also frequently updated me with how my system was coming together. I got my PC delivered with minimum hassle, very good service.
bankai force
bankai force
I am rather new to PC assembly and I followed what my sister wanted me to build for her. Turns out that the processor did not have a CPU fan and ByteSize saved me by giving me a spare CPU fan. They even went all out to explain why the processor series comes without a fan and what sort of processor type I should get instead. I decided to write this review just for their friendliness, and going miles further to help out even without any business transactional benefits. I will definitely support their shop again in the future. My sister likes her new setup 🙂 Thanks again !
Zhi Jian Ng
Zhi Jian Ng
Bought a motherboard in 2020 from them, amazingly patient and understanding (covid delays). Had an issue troubleshooting my new setup in Feb 2024 and Zhi An was such a talent to troubleshoot and revive a minorly short circuited desktop + stress test some parameters to check for functionality. No regrets would definitely go back to them for any components, build and troubleshooting in the future. You're in extremely talented and resourceful hands.
Sean Chan
Sean Chan
Had a really great experience with the ByteSize team. They were very professional, patient with the questions that I had and provided daily updates regarding the status of the PC build. Highly recommended!

Custom Mini-ITX PC Feature Spotlight:


Our tiniest Custom PC offering yet!

With a mere footprint of 4.9-Liters and equipped with a FULL DESKTOP GRADE Nvidia GeForce RTX GPU as standard configuration, Nimbus will provide you with the best Ultra Small Form Factor gaming experience on the market now.


Custom Mini-ITX PC Feature Spotlight

NIMBUS - Our tiniest Custom PC offering yet!

With a mere footprint of 4.9-Liters and equipped with a FULL DESKTOP GRADE Nvidia GeForce RTX GPU as standard configuration, you can be assured that Nimbus will provide you with the best Ultra Small Form Factor gaming experience on the market now.


Custom Gaming PCs, Workstations & Custom Built Desktop Systems

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All of Gaming PC, Workstations & Custom Built Desktop Systems undergo a rigorous regime of hardware validation and test suites.

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ByteSize accepts instalment payment plans for our Gaming PC, Workstations & Custom Built Desktop Computers

Instalment Plans Accepted

Intel 14th Generation Core i9 - 14900K being utilised in our custom built gaming PC, workstation and desktop systems.


Utilising the latest 14th Gen Intel® Core™ and AMD Ryzen™ 7000 Series Processors for your Gaming PCs and Workstations ensures your PC delivers show-stopping gaming performance and the highest levels of productivity.

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Next-Gen Nvidia GeForce RTX™ 4000 and AMD Radeon™ RX 7000 Series Graphics Processing Units giving you an edge over your opponents even in the most demanding Gaming PC titles.

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Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 Graphics Processing Unit available for all our custom built gaming PC, workstation and desktops for gaming and productivity workloads.

our commitment

Your Custom PC build experience is of paramount importance to us. Be it for gaming or productivity, we're committed to delivering systems that will provide you with the best computing experience.

Top of the line graphics processing units from Nvidia and AMD to power the most demanding games of tomorrow for your Custom Gaming PC


Gaming PCs specially designed for playing the latest AAA gaming titles at Ultra-High Refresh Rates & Virtual Reality set-ups. Take a look at our huge range of handcrafted Gaming PCs powered by the latest Nvidia GeForce RTX™ and AMD Radeon™ Graphics to satisfy your gaming needs.

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Powerful workstations paired with the latest Intel® Core™ i9 and AMD Ryzen™ 9 processors for the most demanding tasks and production applications. Our range of workstations are configured to cut down your processing time and maximise your productivity.

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Workstation set-ups for the most demanding computing applications available

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I can't decide on which parts I should get.

You will most often see the greatest performance benefits by focusing on your (i) Graphics Processing Unit (GPU); and (ii) Central Processing Unit (CPU) as these two components play the biggest roles in determining your overall system performance and capability. Next, you should ensure that you have sufficient RAM capacity for your applications.

Chat with us and we'll be more than happy to guide you in choosing the components that would best serve your needs for a Gaming PC and/or Workstation. 

What's the difference between Small Form Factor (SFF), Mid Towers and Full Towers?

Our Bytes are segregated into 3 different categories based on their physical dimensions in increasing order: (i) Small Form Factor (or commonly abbrieviated as SFF); (ii) Mid-Towers which utilise micro-ATX motherboards; and (iii) Full-Towers which utilise ATX motherboards.

SFF systems are suitable for users with physical constraints on the placement of their systems. It's advisable to add additional cooling to ensure sufficient ventilation for a SFF system due to their limited internal airflow.

Mid-Tower (micro-ATX) systems offers the greatest balance and flexibility between physical footprint and internal hardware components. Plus, they offer the best bang for your buck!

Full-Tower (ATX) systems are the ideal centerpiece of every gaming or workplace set-up. They sport the largest hardware compatibility and internal airflow for keeping the system cool under extreme and stressful conditions.

Do you provide all of the PC components boxes and packaging?

We certainly can! We use only brand new components in all of our Custom Gaming PCs, Desktops & Workstation builds. If you'd like to retain the PC component boxes and packaging do let us know when placing your order and we'll deliver the original packaging together with your system!

Do you provide PC repair services?

Yes we do!

Chat with us or use the Chat Widget at the bottom right to get in touch with us so that we can assist you with the difficulties you are facing with your system!

I know what PC components I want but I can't seem to find them!

If you have a particular configuration in mind but can't seem to find them on our website, we'll be more than happy to assist you in configuring a system specially tailored to your requirements.

Chat with us or use the Chat Widget at the bottom right to get in touch with us now!

An assortment of custom gaming PC hardware components to select from.


Building your new dream Gaming PC & Workstation need not be a stressful experience.

Let us help make it a rewarding journey for you. Get in touch using the chat widget and we'll assist you.